Friday, January 28, 2011

Kallista's Feast

A goddess amongst human kind
With skin as pale as snow
Whose eyes of ice stared harshly down
At all that lay below

Her aura was of lavender
Its shine lit up the night
Kallista hair of silken gold
Outraced the birds in flight

Yet Kallista, The Silver Queen
She ate the fruit of Goblin Men
And sickened lay there gasping
In a frosty forest glen

She dined on sticky golden blood
On scarlet roses crushed in mud
She drank the tears of a million slaves
And powdered bones from hallowed graves

Yet none of these would cure the pain
The Goblin Men had wrought
And slowly Kallista did pale
And sat there lost in thought

Until at last she built a pyre
Set herself alight
And as the smoke and flame rose higher
Her silent screams did feed the fire

Suddenly the flames did die
The dust and ash obscured the sky
Kallista joined the Doves of War
And wandered night’s plutonian shore

A poem by Octaboona, a talented and gifted genius who is also a very dear friend.
Thank you Octa! ;)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dance of the Deepwoods

Dance of the Deepwoods
By Octaboona


As the twinkling lights gleam in the indigo sky
A young couple twirl beneath the stars
Kallista and Octa sway in the moonlight
As the fairies look on enchanted

The glittering spires and minarets
Of the Shining City of Sanctaphrax glow
As the wind blows through the green smudge
Of the beautiful distant Deepwoods

Deep in the Deepwoods we dance
Through the scented meadow grass
Of the Silver Pastures
Where the wild tilder roam

We waltz with the majesty of kings
And the happiness of a young mother
Who smiles down at her new born babe
Who grips with tiny fingers at her hands

And still Octa and Kallista dream
As we swirl through the forests’ heart
Past the swift pristine waterfall
Of Riverrise

The natural splendour of The Edge
That juts out  like a prow of a ship
Into the dark forbidding void
Is full of life and shines like a beacon
Illuminating the way

And as we sway with the breeze
Round and round until Open Sky
We continue our happy happy dance
Safe in the knowledge that we always have
Each other.