Thursday, March 10, 2011

Jacky Faber

My favorite series after the SP series is the Bloody Jack Series. It's EPICA!!!!
It's about a young British girl in the earth 1800's who disguises herself as a boy to be a ship's boy on a ship, to save herself from starvation.
The series is action packed, thrilling, touching with lots of crazy things done by Jacky herself. Full of humor. It's by L.A. Meyer

1. Bloody Jack
2. Curse Of the Blue Tattoo
3. Under the Jolly Rodger
4. In the Belly of the Bloodhound
5. Mississippi Jack
6. My Bonny Light Horseman
7. Rapture if the Deep
8. The Wake of the Lorelei Lee


  1. I've read the curse of the blue tattoo, and downloaded a sample of an other one onto my nook. Those books are awesome!

  2. Hey! I learned about Lorelei Lei yesterday at school!

    She's from Germany. It's supposedly a really beautiful figure that you see on these rocks in the middle of a river. There are high cliffs on either side, jagged boulders are just below the surface as well.
    You can't resist her, so while your gaze is transfixed on her, your boat crashes into the jagged rocks :/

  3. Sounds great. I have so many EPICA series that I think are equally good as SP.