Saturday, July 16, 2011

There Are NO Such Things As Ninjas

Hi everyone. I am just leaving a random post on a blog no one will look at except if advertised. I don't plan on doing that.  I am just going to write out one of the many weird convos me and my brothers had while sitting in the back seat of a car going through a drive through at a local fast food place.  For safety's sake I will change their names to Biff and Buzz.

Me: Hey, Biff! Look to your right! What do you see?
*both Biff and Buzz turn to look at the plain white side of the building next door*
Buzz:  I see only a building. What's the big deal?
Me: Noooooooo...It's not JUST a plain white building you know. There is a NINJA camouflaged in there.
Buzz: No there isn't!
Biff:  I don't see anything!
Me: *smugly*  You don't have a trained eye to see such things! He's right there! Posed as a white brick!
Biff: No there isn't! Besides, there are no such things as ninjas!
Me: *gravely* Now Biff. Don't be saying such things! Every time you say you don't believe in ninjas, somewhere in the world, a ninja drops DEAD! The only way to save them is if you clap really loud!
Me: *in  a serious reproachful tone* Somewhere in the world a ninja has just died!
Me: *sighs* Great! Now look what you have done! Another ninja has just died! And it happened while he was on a mission disguised as a brick and spying on  a couple who were eating breakfast out on the patio.  He probably fell right on to their biscuits!

*Biff and Buzz laugh hysterically and both began shouting out,  "I DON'T BELIEVE IN NINJAS!!!! "*

Yes. It's just one example of the stimulating conversations we have.

But that's not all. We love to watch anime. One fav is Lupin the 3rd. It's a fun and hilarious anime that looks to be from the 1970's. I just love the concept of it. Well anyways, my brothers and I just spontaneously acted out this part from one of the episodes.
This is the part we had the most fun with. Love the melodrama! :P
Sorry for the poor quality. It's the best I could find.
Basically Lupin's two friends/partners in crime believe him to be dead by the hands of a notorious assassin. Of course Lupin is not only a master gentleman's thief but a master con artist too!
*whispers dramaticly*  He is not dead.