Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Laying in bed, wrapped up in sheets
I hug the pillow to my aching heart.
The pain is so dreadful, it spread all over
rendering all my limbs as useless.

Leave me alone, I don’t want to get up.
The sun hurts my red rimmed eyes.
So the shades are shut, and I curl up
as the numbness continues to spread.

Yet it’s still there, the agony I feel.
It washes over me like a wave.
But I can’t move from my position.
So I drown in a sea of grief.
Weakened from to many wounds in life.

Silence is my companion,
welcomed more then a friend.
No more does my mind comprehend.
Confusion reigns as helplessness stays.
My life I wish to end.


  1. ~hugs Kallista~
    This is so heartbreaking...
    It's like the sound of howling wind at night... sad and beautiful...
    ~hugs Kal again~

  2. Hmm...that's what I feel in my soul Skyril.
    It's only a few on here who keep me some what together any more. But I can see my presence becoming black and rotten, spreading to the few on here who still value me a bit.
    Thanks fo rreading my friend!
    *hugs her*

  3. Kal... *hugs*
    This is an Amazing Poem. So true.

    I really hope you will be happy once again you are soo talented and soo amazing and valued by many.
    Thank-you for porting this poem

    *Is hugging while making that speech*

  4. *hugs her forever*
    you are not the bad guy Kal, please never believe you are. You have been an angelic influence on me. NOT a demonic one

  5. This is so sad yet so true....

    beautiful because it is sad and sad because it is true

    I hope your feeling better soon Kall, despite what you might think your a great person, a person I inspire to be like one day :)

  6. *hugs Kallista tightly forever and ever and ever*

    Remember, Kallista, the fire of hope will always burn deep inside us, even in what seem to be our darkest hours, even if it's hard to find. I hope you can smile and laugh again like you once did, for you are an magnificent, beautiful, and wonderful person, my dear.

  7. This poem moved me because of its sadness and beauty.

    *hugs her forever and ever*

    But you are not the bad person. You are a wonderful influence on us all. You are fantastic and magnificent.

  8. Oh, Kal!

    This poem is so moving and I can feel your agony!

    But you have to know that we are here for you too!

    *hugs Kal*

  9. Your such an amazing person, and writing comes to you as easily as breathing would come.
    *hugs forever and ever and never lets go*